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Weekday Dog Walking

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Dogs have a ton of energy that needs to be burned off to stay happy and healthy. If they don’t get enough daily exercise, they can engage in destructive behavior such as digging, chewing, and excessive barking. Daily dog walks with Tails of the Bay will provide your pup with both physical exercise and  mental stimulation. 


This 15 minute service is great for puppies and older dogs who need multiple bathroom breaks and a little bit of love throughout their day. This service includes a quick outdoor potty break and some much needed cuddle time.


This 30 minute service is an excellent choice for dogs that want to get out and about and explore the neighborhood on-leash while you are away.


This 45 minute service will be perfect for the pup that needs a little more than half an hour but doesn't require a full 60 minutes of hiking or walking. 


This 60 minute service is the right choice for that pup that needs to burn off a little more energy than a 30 minute walk can provide.


There is a $10 fee per dog


Did you just get called into a meeting at 5pm? Or maybe your friend just flew into town for the night and wants to meet up for drinks. No worries, just call or text Tails of the Bay (before 8 pm) and your pup will be taken care of. This 30 minute service provides your dog with a chance to stretch his legs and get a potty break in so you don’t have any surprises when you come home. Go ahead and enjoy your evening! To be eligible for this great service, please schedule a meet and greet with us first.

Pet Sitting

Professional Experience

Just Checkin' On You!

Does your dog need let out and fed in the mornings and again in the evenings, with a short walk and playtime? Then this service is for you!

Once a day visits to feed and give a short 15 minute walk are $25. ($30 for 30 minute walk)


Twice a day visits to feed and give a short 15 minute walk are $40 ($50 for one 15 min walk and one 30 min walk)

Cat Visits: Once per day is $25 and included walk or play, food/water, and scooping the litter box. Twice per day is $40

Weekend Dog Walking

Satisfaction Guaranteed

15 MIn. Potty Break $25
30 Min. Walk $30
60 Min. Walk $40


Your Pet’s Second Best Friend

Tails of the Bay

Tails of the Bay Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

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Patty Alexander
Contact Me @ 415-686-3923

After 8 years of being the Public Programs Manger for a large animal rescue organization, my love for animals and hiking led me to start Tails of the Bay.

As a pet owner myself I know what a relief it is to be able to be away and know your pets are in safe hands and I wanted to start a business that would allow other pet owners to experience what it's like to go to work or be somewhere, without the worry of wondering if their pets are okay. 

I have years of animal experience, and I would love to help you with your furry children. My mission is simple but of utmost importance: I want to provide pet owners with the luxury of doing whatever they need to do happily, and without worry, knowing their pets are in

safe hands!


Marin County, CA